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 Violation the rules of [Hait] Clan

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Violation the rules of [Hait] Clan Empty
PostSubject: Violation the rules of [Hait] Clan   Violation the rules of [Hait] Clan Icon_minitimeThu Oct 08, 2009 12:46 pm

Hello Mates,

Imagine that!!! I played on a cod4 server ( SEaL) and got killed by (Hait)Darktosh.. I was wondering who's that guy and he told me" i feel very honorous to join your clan"....

WTF!!! How come foreign people are joining our clan while we haven't even been adviced?? For your information: Even you are in the clan, you can't accept invitation at your fucking own decision. It must have a consensus!! Playing with the tag [Hait] implies heavy responsability( respect of the server' rules, performance, high playing time and so on). So I can't understand how come some noobs dare invite / accept people in our clan. Please stop violating the rules; feel free to contact the Gold Members before taking any decision( Noobs!!!!). All new people tagged with [Hait] without autorization will be in disgrace. Be aware of this warning.!!!.-
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Violation the rules of [Hait] Clan
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