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 Good news fr PS3 fan

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PostSubject: Good news fr PS3 fan   Thu Feb 12, 2009 8:07 pm

I've managed to bring in Haiti those hard to find PS3 laser lens.
So, If any of you have someone suffering from a bad lens, please direct them to me. Smile

another news !!!! developers are now talking about if it would be possible to add a movie and a game on a BD disc....Well their dreams has come true,cuz anounced it that next year it would be possible with the Hybrid BD.
Bon tout neg kap sèvi ak XBOX 360 nou K@!K...c pa devan nou te vle pran.
Bon guys I have to leave you. BLACKOUT LAN BOUDA'M LA !!! Evil or Very Mad
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PostSubject: Re: Good news fr PS3 fan   Thu Feb 19, 2009 5:40 pm

Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad
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Good news fr PS3 fan
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